Why you should go see Eric Prydz’s new show in Las Vegas

After spending a week in Las Vegas taking in the sights, it was only right to leave the best spectacle for last, Eric Prydz at Marquee Nightclub.

Since we arrived on the final day of EDC there were plenty of club nights to go around the following week. Vegas was still buzzing from the festival and it could be seen everywhere. One of the biggest differences to back home was that most of the folk that went to it seemed to be kitted out in full neon rave gear which made it look a bit more like they were heading to their first Clubland event rather than to see some of the biggest artists in the world. But whatever floats your boat… No one could say that they weren’t up for it.


The highlight for me was announced after most of the EDC week acts, Eric Prydz at Marquee Nightclub. I’d always wanted to see him live but unfortunately had never made it to anything he’d been booked at in the UK. After following his music for years, his debut album, Opus which was released in February has been a regular on my Spotify ever since and videos of his live show have always looked outrageous.


I have to say… he didn’t disappoint either. His set was totally unique and instantly recognisable as a Prydz set. It spanned tracks from his various aliases and he had the dancefloor absolutely packed from start to finish. The best thing about it, and what sets him apart from a lot of producers in my opinion, was that almost every track was his own. Without it being labeled as a ‘producer set’ Prydz takes you on a journey through his back catalogue and as a result delivers something which you won’t hear anywhere else.


An excellent stage show complimented this beautifully and Marquee was a perfect setting for it. I usually prefer a dingy basement club to a high end joint, but even I could admit it was pretty surreal to get a lift up to a rooftop pool where the tunes were being blasted. I didn’t fancy shelling out a grand or so for a booth though and I was careful where I put my drink in case I got slapped with a bill for it! Prydz seemed to enjoy himself as well which is always good to see, fresh off a massive performance at EDC the previous weekend, he was dancing along with the crowd until the end.

In Vegas, the focus of some clubs is style over substance and I’m glad to say that despite the swankiness of Marquee, they pulled off a night I won’t forget for a long time. My only regret is that I couldn’t get along to see him at EDC. That and the amount I shelled out on drinks on the night… Either way, if you get a chance to see one of his sets, get along to it and you’ll see what all the fuss is about!

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