What is the DJ DDJ-XP2?

DJ DDJ-XP2 – What is it?

THE new Official Serato Accessory is the “ultimate marriage of performance and portability” according to Serato. Packing two grids of 4×4 drum pads as well as a wide selection of controls and touch strips, it is an extremely versatile performance controller.

Fully supported in Serato DJ Pro 2.2.3, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP2 brings forward 16 performance pads per deck, along with touch-sensitive slide FX strips that allow control of up to three Serato DJ Pro FX simultaneously. 

In addition, there instant beat-loop buttons, reverse/slip control, USB powered connection and track select knob and load buttons. 

Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP2 key features 

Check out some of the key features of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP2 below.

  • 32 performance pads, with 16 per deck
  • Silent Cue for instantly starting your DVS tracks at the right BPM
  • Touch sensitive FX strips for depth control
  • Instant 4 beat loop buttons with in/out edit controls
  • Reverse/slip control
  • USB powered connection
  • Track select knob and load buttons

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