April 21, 2019

SKapade at SOMA School 2019

SKapade were invited to host a room in SWG3 alongside Pioneer DJ for the 2019 SOMA School. During the event, our team led talks and demonstrations of Pioneer’s latest hardware for the next generation of DJs and music producers. 

Embarking at 5am to set up the space, our team managed to engage with aspiring DJs through the day, giving them an opportunity to ask questions, cultivate connections, and test out new equipment.
Stephen Kirkwood, international DJ and founder of SKapade Studios, said: “This event was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet with young electronic musicians wanting to explore their passion.

“It really brings home how much Scotland has to offer to the music industry.

“Being able to work alongside the biggest DJ brand in the world to deliver our knowledge is amazing, it is great to partner up with the brand that produces the equipment we teach and play on”

SKapade Studios and Pioneer DJ touching base with Glasgow's future talent

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