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We all need to start somewhere, and our Exclusive Masterclass (Beginner Level) is the perfect angle for you.  Our resident Producers and world touring artists were at your stage many years go, and they understand how important it is to gain excellent support and mentorship at this stage.  Learning from the people who know what you need to know is the quickest and smartest way to accelarate your learning!

Beginners Level is aimed at getting you familiar with your DAW as well as setting up your workflow, file management & getting you into the mindset which will ensure the all-important creative flow isn’t interrupted at this very important stage of learning.

What you will learn

  • Week 1 – Intro to Ableton: Find your way around the DAW

Learn to open and save projects, store samples, install plugins and find your way around the DAW. The instructor will do a walk through of Ableton and identify key features which will be used regularly throughout the course.

  • Week 2: Building Loops & Introduction to Effects
  • Week 3: Using Audio, Midi & Basic Synthesis
  • Week 4: Arrangement and Advanced Audio Effects
  • Week 5: Mixing & Exporting


Craig Hughes / Jack Dyer

Course Type

In The Studio

Client Level

All levels (Beginner)


Evenings (10 hours over 5 weeks)


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