Exclusive Interview: Will Rees

We get the chance to speak with a man who has been doing damage on the trance scene with his high energy tracks and live sets, Will Rees!


Who are some of your biggest influences musically?


I used to listen to the CD’s my brother bought back in 1998-2001, so DJs like Judge Jules, PVD, Boy George, Pete Tong, John Peel, Fergie, PF Project and J00F were some early influences for me. After that, I moved onto more technical DJs like Eddie Halliwell, Carl Cox and James Zabiela.


Nowadays, I listen to a wide range of music which covers everything from Indie, metal, downtempo and any type of electronic music. I find that inspiration can come from any track now, regardless of genre.


What are you working in the studio at the moment?


I’ve just finished a track for Outburst which will be out next year. I’m also working on about 3 originals and waiting on parts of a big vocal track to remix. That said, I’m mainly focusing on originals at the moment as opposed to remixes.


How did you get involved in dance music and more specifically in trance music?


That would be going back to my brothers CD collection again when I was younger! Believe it or not, I actually moved to playing house music for a good few years back in the vinyl days! I think when you’re young you tend to go into different phases because you’re not quite sure what you like and don’t like. I slowly moved back to techno & trance and started producing when I was around 22 or 23.


Could you tell us a bit about your studio setup?


It’s very basic to be honest! I recently bought a new iMac which is an absolute beast. I use Logic X and I don’t own any hardware (currently!) I’ve had a pair of Tapco S8 monitors since I was about 18, I think they have been discontinued now. I’ve never had any problems with them in over 10 years and my ears are used to them so I’ve never bothered upgrading. I’ve also got a novation midi keyboard which I think is on it’s way out and a Scarlett audio interface too. Apart from that everything else is software!


What’re your thoughts on the trance scene at the moment?


It’s booming! A lot of events that I’ve played at and attended this year have either been sold out or been very close to it! The UK has really picked it up this year too in my opinion. On the downside, there’s a lot of bad quality trance music being released just now. You really have to take your time and know what you’re doing to find good tracks.


Colours and Zoom had you up in Glasgow recently at SWG3 alongside a huge trance lineup, what were your thoughts on the venue and atmosphere?


The first time I played in SWG3 was with Aly & Fila last year and it was absolutely insane! Although, the last one was probably even crazier! The Scottish crowd are so passionate. Hopefully I’ll be back up there soon!


Do you have any other gigs coming up that you’re particularly excited about?


I have loads of gigs pouring in just now so I’m excited about each and every one. I’m particularly looking forward to playing for Cream in Dublin on the 27th December, Rong in Manchester has just been announced for Feb 2017 and Luminosity in July which I’m buzzing to play at! There are also tons coming up which I can’t announce yet, but trust me when I say they’re gonna be big! 2017 is looking really really strong!!


What can we expect from you moving forward to 2017?


A lot more originals and plenty more live sets getting uploaded for you guys to listen to as well. Plus loads of events and gigs lined up as I said so keep your eyes peeled!!


You can keep up to date with Will’s gigs and releases here: https://www.facebook.com/willreesofficial/?fref=ts

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