Exclusive Interview: Teo Mandrelli

Teo Mandrelli has been absolutely storming the house scene recently with huge live sets and releases on some of the biggest labels on the planet. Check out our conversation with him here!


Born on the Adriatic Coast of Italy, Teo Mandrelli has been involved in music from the day he was born and has gone on to perform globally, spreading his sound far beyond the borders of his home country. His sets, maddening tourists and locals alike, didn’t go unnoticed.

Some of his recent work has had massive support from artists such as Tiesto, Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Redondo, EDX and many others. He has released on labels such as Kult Records, Jango Music and Redondo Records, and he certainly has some other big releases in the pipeline.


Whose music are you listening to/playing out just now?


At the moment there’s a lot of good music around, and it’s really hard to follow every release! In my case, I’m really “open minded”. I like to listening different genres from dance music to house music, techno and why not hip hop too. My sets have their own structure but then again they can have some different shadows that really depend on the people that I have in front of me. Like if you play at Wall in Miami, you already know that you must play some hip hop-ish style and same thing happens with other clubs around the world.


How did you get into DJing/Music Production?


Well, my dad used to own a club when I was kid, so I grew up around DJs. It was the perfect place for a music lover to learn the ropes of the DJing business. I have always loved music. I started playing guitar when i was 7 years old, then i started making mashups with some creepy software when i was 14/15 years old. Now music is my life.


Which artists would you say have influenced you musically?


A lot! My first experience with electronic music was when i was 7/8 years old maybe. My uncle is a great electronic music lover and i used to enjoy looking into his CD’s collections! The Prodigy, Groove Armada then more rock-ish like: Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Mad Season. I latterly grew up inside a lot of good music! But talking right now I really appreciate artists like Don Diablo, Redondo (whom I have collaborated with too), Tchami and Roger Sanchez.


For DJs/producers that are just starting out in the scene, what advice would you be giving them and why?


When people ask me this question I always say: “Work, work, work!” Be patient and never give up. Make sure you don’t close yourself off and go into your own world. Open your mind, meet people, travel the world and if you can’t travel, use social networks. We are living in a great period at the moment. Everything can be reached with a click and there’s a lot of greatness around in our industry. People have to help each other and be kind because you’ll never know what will happen in the future.


Could you tell us about the studio setup you have?


I have a really basic studio setup: 1 table, 1 chair, 1 Macbook Pro, 1 Alesis Q61, 1 Akai Audio Interface Eie Pro, 2 Genelec 8030a and 1 subwoofer Genelec 7040a and a lot of beers.


Your unique sound has developed over the last few years, how do you see it further developing in the future?


The sound you create as an artist is like our life in my opinion. Over the years you begin to mature and the same happens with your sound. As for my sound in the future, I already have 4 or 5 tracks ready to be released over the coming months so you will know more about my sound soon.


Do you have any plans to come to the UK in the future?


I really love the UK. I’ve been in London many times and I think it’s a great place to be sharing music and to be finding to artists. I hope to come again very soon!


What can we expect from you in 2017?


This year has started very well actually, more than i could have asked for. I’m currently

touring the United States and I have already signed 2 tracks on 2 big labels, namely Spinnin Records and Armada Music. I’m planning to keep with this rhythm for the whole year. Trust me, this is just the beginning!


You can keep up to date with all of Teo’s latest releases on his Soundcloud and Facebook

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