Exclusive Interview: Sied Van Riel

We speak to Trance Heavyweight Sied Van Riel about his beginnings in the industry and what he plans to do next.


Let’s start off with what you’re listening to, who are some of your favourite artists at the moment?


At the moment I am mainly focussed on compiling my Rielism 4 compilation which releases in May and I’m signing and have signed a lot of exclusive tracks to Rielism for that. Basically I am only listening to that at the moment and obviously my promo inbox.


There are a lot of great talents out there at the moment.. Jak Aggas, James Kiedis, Steve Dekay, Eryon Stocker, Rene Ablaze…


Curtis Young & Bryan Summerville .. to many to mention =)


Any particular tracks that have done the damage when you’ve played them live in the recent months?


Yes, but they are all ID’s for now as I’ve been testing out exclusive material and own tracks. Not gonna spoil surprises hahah.


There are a whole host of trance legends hailing from the Netherlands, do you feel like growing up there had any influence on your taste and sound?


Prepare yourself for some name dropping which I have to do in order to explain myself hahah.


For me it started with guys like Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, The Prodigy, D-Shake, not to forget Armand van Helden, Dave Clark, Ritchie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson and what not. Back then you didn’t have many styles or boxes people put you in. We all had our preferences, but I personally enjoyed all sorts of electronic music as I still do now BUT I have grown a legit dislike for big room and what not.


Obviously as the years passed by in the 90s the main Dutch trance guys back then, Marco V, Rank 1, Ferry Corsten, Armin and Tiesto got bigger and bigger and I instantly became a fan of their sound as it was new and fresh. Back then the clubbing situation was completely different and social media was non existing. We didn’t care much who was playing, we went to parties to have a great time and for the music. Sure you had preferences when it came to certain djs or developed one,


In that same period I also explored the deeper progressive sounds from Sasha, Digweed, Satoshi Tomei, Sander Kleinenberg, Lemon8, Matthew Dekay.. Hence my love for proper solid prog trance. Actually when I think about it this started way before this already.. Dutch djs like Miss Monica, Ronald Molendijk, Michel De Hey, Secret Cinema, Steve Rachmad, Per, Dimitri, Benny Rodriguez and many more where really really solid!!


Long Story short, yes it did hahaha. Not sure what the government is pouring in to our water.. but my advice would be….. continue!!


You’ve played pretty much all over the world, do you have a stand out venue / event that’s your favourite?


No I really do not. Every event and situation has its own thing and I personally have learned how to appreciate that for myself so I can remember / cherishthe positive vibes and memories. Sounds corny, but I really go this deep when it comes to being aware of what I”m doing and experiencing.


Personally I enjoy small intimate club events just as much as huge festivals or indoor-outdoor events. What DID leave a HUGE marker in my brain was playing Trance Energy twice in Holland and being a main stage artist for the first time ever during the Australian Trance Energy Tour… . Everybody lived towards those events including myself. Sleepless nights I’ll tell you that!


AND the ASOT 400 tour. Wuppertal Germany, Air Birmingham and Maassilo Rotterdam. What a weekend that was!!


We spoke at Luminosity last year after your set, is Luminosity beach festival always the place you like to debut your fresh material like a few other artists?


Uhm It was the first time back at Lumi for me since 2010 so I can’t really judge about that… come to think of it I did try out a lot of new stuff last year tho, so yeah maybe it’s true. The thing is that the place is packed with Trance lovers from all over the world so if there’s ONE set you wanna do right… it’s gonna be that one! A blend of new, excl, old, known tracks and then timing is of the essence.


When you look in to the crowd from the stage when you’re playing you know everybody in front of you has the exact same passion as you and you realize you’re all there together to enjoy so you wanna play the set of your life for sure. You see people smile, enjoying, their eyes closed, hugging each other or completely into it by themselves, flags all over the place, friends around,  or even people crying cause inside you realize it’s almost like therapy / therapeutic for some including myself… Such an awesome view and goosebumps moments.


Trance does something to me that no other genre does.


What are you working on at the moment in the studio?


Rielism 4 compilation a collab with Richard Durand and i recently finished a new vocal tune. + Rielism Rec. of course together with my main man Chaim Mankoff. This dude is spot on as label manager and takes so much work load of my back. Don’t tell him I said this hahaha he might grow an ego.


Do you have any releases coming up that we should keep an ear out for?


Yes ^^ New vocal is coming up very soon! besides that Rielism of course.. next up is a collab between Steve Dekay + Amos & Riot Night.. “Onslaught” This is a big tune in my sets and a very solid production from the guys.


What do you have planned for your Rielism show over the rest of 2017?


We’re picking up Rielism nights again as I did in 2010/11/12… The time is right and I am very motivated again. The first one in Holland is on my birthday in Panama Amsterdam on May 12. It marks the 2 year anniversary of Rielism Records, my bday and the release of Rielism 4.


I handpicked the line up myself (apparently I can do that now hahahah) BLR aka Leon Bolier, Arnej aka Greatness.. he just launched his own label, wait till you hear what this guy has in store for us… I think he made 50 tracks if not more and is totally back!!


ReOrder is one of the headliners as I simply love this guy.. such an energetic figure in the booth and a great artist! Misja Helsloot with whom we’re doing “Rielism Presents Misja Helsloot” on Oct. 7 in Amsterdam. His own night and well deserved.. absolute legend! James Kiedis  is one of the brightest new talents hailing from the UK. This guy has grown so fast production wise it’s incredible. Such a talent!


Oh and I”ll be doing a 1 time world wide exclusive b2b set. 2008/2010 style + an extended solo set myself. You cannot imagine how excited I am for this night!!




Will we see you in Scotland anytime soon?


I sure hope so. I haven’t been there for a few years, last time was with David Forbes and Paul van Dyk at the O2 Academy I think. Scotland has always been very high on my “list” ever since I played there for the first time in Bathgate with Armin, Rank1, Randy Katana and Marcus Schossow.


Personally hoping to be back there very very soon!


You can keep up to date with Sied’s latest tracks, podcasts and tour dates over at his Facebook page here



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