Exclusive Interview: Nikolas Syrimis (Swerve Digital/Fxtion Records)

We speak to up and coming House label owner and DJ/Producer Nikolas Syrimis about receving support off the biggest DJs in the world and what’s in store for 2017.


How did you get involved in DJ’ing/producing and the electronic music scene?


It probably started when I was around 10 years old when I picked up my first demo copy of FL Studio from Computer Magazine (still have the copy and all!) and got hooked into just creating music on there for hours and hours. It was definitely my first entrance into the electronic music side of things. Then years later during my university years in Southampton, I managed to land a couple of opportunities to DJ at Aura Bar & Lounge (now Social), Junk and several other clubs around the area, and have been hooked ever since.


Swerve Digital has recently received some huge support from the likes of Tough Love, Miguel Bastida, Jhonsson (Knee Deep in Sound), DJ S.K.T, and Gorgon City. what made you start the label?


Its crazy to have received such support from the likes of the guys listed there, honestly its overwhelming. What made me start the label was at the time before inception, I used to feedback a lot of my friends music to the point where I was getting tons of people wanting my opinion, how to improve, and just general wanting my advice; it got to the point where myself and another person involved joined together to curate a record label that would be releasing electronic music of a unique form to the usual generic music that you may hear. Then fast forward to a year later, the label has finally found its ground and is starting to excel further than I would have ever imagined.


You also have a label with Lee Pearce, Fxtion Records, how did you get to know each other?


Me and Lee have been friends online for a good few years now. I actually signed an EP from him onto Swerve before he started working properly with me! During late 2016, it got to the point where I was solo running Swerve Digital and Lee saw potential in me and the label, and I to him with FXtion Records and as a business partner, so after a good few weeks of Skype calls and business meetings, we joined forces.


Tell us a bit about your studio setup, what are your weapons of choice in terms of soft/hardware?


My studio setup at the moment consists of an iMac 5K 2015 with a custom-built 2 monitor Windows PC. I have a Focusrite Forte hooked up to the PC with Adam A7X as my monitors of choice. DAW, I’m still so torn between Ableton & FL Studio, as I’ve used FL Studio near enough all my life but Ableton is drawing me in a little closer every day. I reckon once FL Studio finally gets its launch on Mac I’ll be solely on FL Studio.


Sylenth1 is one of my favourite VSTs to create sounds in, never ending fun with that one and I’ve been spending some time to do some field recording of random noises to use for instrument sampling and synthesis.


You also do a lot of videography and graphic design with your business Desik Studio for some of the biggest artists and nights around. What are you working on at the moment? Anything that you can share with us?


I have just finished off a video shot down at Thirty3Hz in Guildford for the House Music Collective night, who hosted Josh Bulter. Fantastic night and a lovely venue to photograph/film in; video should be out very shortly. Coming up soon, I will be photographing Jackmaster at Junk, Southampton, filming/photographing Sonny Fodera at Envy, Portsmouth for the Love Amplified night, with many more nights ahead planned all the way up till December. Design wise, I have just finished off on a few things for Cardiac, Tommy Vercetti, Foliée / Soirée, The Birmingham Rave Calendar, Concrete Promo, Bradley Gunn Raver, Amplified Records, D-Vine Sounds, Gemini Artist Agency, Lee Pearce and Webmart.


Do you have any aspirations for running your own label nights in the future?


We have many plans for hosting a few events this year, me and Lee are in talks with a few venues currently so more will be revealed in the upcoming months! Our idea is to merge the label nights under one name, which we’re not going to give away yet, but it’s something we’re very excited about.


Are there any releases coming up that you’re particularly excited about?


Can I say all of them? But in all honesty, the music that we have signed this year I am utterly excited for. We are currently working on our next Deviate compilation for this year, we’re still accepting music towards that and middle of the year, we’ve got some quality releases with one of them (exclusive announcement) featuring Mr Jefferson and Ronnie Spiteri on the remixes.


What can we expect from both yourself and the label over the rest of 2017?


Myself, I will be making a few EPs this year and hopefully finding a good few homes from them. Lee has recently become managed by Steve Stimpson so very exciting for him to exceed further in his musical career, he fully deserves it. For the labels, FXtion Records will be releasing a Tommy Vercetti single very soon with Raffa FL, Alex Ranerro and Lee Pearce himself on the remixes, very excited for that one; Swerve Digital has got some very good names in the music scene involved on some remixes for a few releases, can’t release too much more but make sure to keep your eyes on both the labels.


You can keep up to date with all releases, events and more at Swerve Digital and Fxition Records here.

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