Exclusive Interview: Nico Mendez

We have a chat with one of our in-house artists and a regular on some of the biggest house labels in the world, Nico Mendez!

Nico has been honing his sound and developing a style for himself which is instantly recognisable. With releases on labels such as Wired, Underground Source Records and Blacksoul Music, he’s really making a name for himself and is getting worldwide recognition for his efforts! Check out our interview with the most well-groomed man in house music below!

Who are some of your favourite artists to listen to?

First off, thanks for taking the time to interview me guys!

Uhh. There are a number of really talented guys out there that I have recently come across that really tickle my pickle at the moment! Guys like Frag Maddin, also my recent discovery of Larry De Kat as well, I cannot get enough of the guy! I’m also finding a re-energised love for Jesse Perez! But as always, I’ll hold true to guys who have never been far from my “would date” list like The Planty Herbs, Little By Little, Billy Kenny, LUV JAM, Walker & Royce, I mean the list could go on!

You go to a a lot of gigs and club nights, do you think it’s important for a DJ/producer to do this?

Well I’d say so yeah, it’s always a good idea to get a hands on feel for what the culture “that you as a DJ producer are a part” of is all about. You can’t expect to be sitting in a cave making doof doof and not go out to experience what it is you are making the music for!? But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like turning into a total fan boy and going to see some of your favourites play!

Do you have a favourite venue to go to or a favourite to play at?

Without sounding to biased, straight off the bat I’d say the Sub Club. It’s by far one of the best venues for electronic music. Every time I visit the place it’s totally refreshing, nothing is ever the same. It’s a new experience every time!

As for playing, I’ve played a few different places that I really enjoyed, from the likes of Flat 0/1, which has a really unique vibe, to places like Stereo, the Sanctuary In Partick is quite an overlooked gem that people are starting to tune into for underground club nights as well!

How and when did you start making your own music?

It was back in 2010 I started to take it seriously. After about a year of faffing about on my little numark controller, doing online streams with a small group of friends which was how my interest really solidified. I decided to start college and through that, met one of my best mates Jane Jaya Ayres who gave me my crash course in deep and tech house, the rest was history I guess!

Tell us a bit about your creative process, what’s your typical approach to starting a track?

There is no process. I pay someone else to make my music.

I’ve heard that you can normally get your tunes finished off pretty quickly, how long on average do you reckon it takes you to polish off a track?

“See last answer.”

Haha! In all seriousness, your remix of Jill Kanter’s OK took significantly longer than usual and it certainly seems to have paid off, it’s up there with my favourites of yours! How come it took you so long to finish it off?

Yeah it took me a while. This remix was something that I felt quite strongly about because I knew it would be different when you compare it to some of my latest records. The process was basically me chipping away at it whenever I got a chance between other projects. I knew my productions where becoming more solid over time, and I wanted to do Jill justice on the remix by applying what I had learned between the time I started the remix, to actually knuckling down and finishing it. So it sort of finished itself naturally, and wasn’t forced.

What would you say is your biggest achievement since getting involved in music?

As far as achievements go, I’d say I’m steadily ticking off my list, but I’m really happy to be working with some of the biggest guys and labels in the industry! One highlight this year, was playing on Zrce Beach in Croatia during Hideout festival! What a roller coaster, I lost my USBs on the second day, spent 8 hours on the phone with my mum trying to transfer my playlists on the worst Wi-Fi connection in the world, that in itself was an achievement! But yeah that was a great experience!

Do you have any advice for people who are only just learning to produce or DJ?

Use a load of Charlie Sloth air horns and donk bass sounds! Nah if I could say anything then I’d say be original, stay true to your own sound. Also, remember “Redliner no headliner”!

How do you use social media to raise your profile/increase your following?

I discovered this amazing thing recently called ToneDen, it allows your fans to get free content out of showing you support whether it be through follows, reposts or whatever you choose! I try to be as interactive as possible, people buy into character. The more you interact the more of yourself comes through. It gives people something other than just a placid online personality.

Finally, how have you never got a hair out of place!? Surely keeping that mane smooth is a full time job in itself!

Ah beard chat… Yass!!  It’s actually gotten to the point now where it mirco manages itself and even has it’s own fully functioning eco-system! So I have plenty of time to focus on other things like extreme carp fishing and competitive body building. Just kidding. I feed it rum. Lots of rum.


You can keep up to date with Nico and his beard on his Facebook page

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