Exclusive Interview: Mutual Attraction

We recently got the chance to speak to a rising talent in house music; Mutual Attraction. Check out what he had to say here!

At SKapade, we’re all about supporting up & coming artists along with those who are already established. Recently, our operations manager Steven Galloni has been captivated with a track called ‘Lost Tape’ by Warsaw based artist Mutual Attraction. The tune is seriously infectious and with almost a million views on YouTube, we’re not the only ones who think so! As he’s fairly fresh on the scene, we couldn’t find out too much about Mutual Attrraction so we decided we’d chat to him ourselves… Read the full interview below!

Whose music are you listening to at the moment?

While I’m writing this interview, I have on the last session from Alexander Nut on NTS Radio. I’m big fan of his sunday sessions.

Other than that, my current favorites are Tenderlonious, the 22a label stuff and Manny Whodamanny (a young cat from Naples related to the collective of Early Sound Recordings and one of the founders of Periodica Records). Another I should mention is my friend from Warsaw, Kajetan, who’s responsible for the Get The Balance Right label, along with many other projects. Also my greek brother George, who’s the head of the Nous label. In my opinion they provide a fresh sound and set new standards in house and techno music.

I listen to a lot of jazz too, from artists like Ahmad Jamal, Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock.

How did you get involved in producing your own music?

For as long as I can remember, music has always been an essential part of every day for me, but I think it all really started when I was about 16 or 17. I started DJing first and moved to the UK for few years. Digging through records in Birmingham and London had a huge effect on me. There have been a lot of records, styles and musicians that have influenced me deeply, you know? From all different genres.. I guess it was when I came back to Warsaw. I started studying Musicology and attending piano lessons.

Your track Lost Tape has been viewed almost a million times on YouTube and has been praised worldwide. What does it mean to you to have your music recognised like this?

I’m very happy, thankful and surprised at the same time, because I never thought the track would have such an affect on people. I’m still learning and don’t consider myself a musician yet. I still have a lengthy path ahead of me. The track was a moment stored on tape actually. It was a one-take recording straight to tape.The original was 15 minutes long and had to be shortened for the release, of course. That’s the story of this track and I think that it comes with a message… you have to leave the soul in everything you do.

Who are some of your favourite artists and who has influenced you in particular?

Larry Heard and Miles Davis…both are a mine of knowledge.

Tell us a bit about your studio setup, what production software and hardware do you use?

I use software and hardware at the same time, but I love to work with instruments just as much because they are alive, they breathe… They have souls.  Analogs are unpredictable and that’s beautiful. I built my studio over 5 years and now that it’s ready I can really focus on music. I have a nice collection of old synths like the Roland Juno 60, an Oberheim Matrix 6, a Korg M1, some drum machines (a MPC2000XL,Yamaha RX5, Akai XE8, Ensoniq ASR-X) and many more.

But of course, a lot of beautiful tracks are made with just a computer these days and that’s amazing and very inspiring too. I like to work with Logic as my DAW. I believe that there are no boundaries. Everything you need is in your head and it doesn’t matter how you create it or what instrument you use.

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on in the studio at the moment?

I’m learning piano everyday and trying to finish off my full debut EP.

As an up & coming artist, how do you utilise social media to extend your platform?

This is a hard question for me because I’ve never really used social media that much. I just started a fan page on Facebook and the page got bigger and started to get a life of it’s own!

Do you have any gigs coming up that you’re particularly excited about?

Nothing I can confirm at the moment but I’m still very excited about a couple of gigs that I recently played in France and Italy. It was great to spend time with amazing people who had such a positive energy. I want to go back to Salerno and Naples soon. I’ll possibly go over in September for a gig and to see my friends from there.

Do you have plans to come to the UK anytime soon?

Yes. I can’t reveal the details though because it’s not fully confirmed…

What can we expect from you musically over the rest of the year?

Next up is a #3 white LP on Nous with artists like Breakin Moves, Moodcut, Fetnat and more. The record is fire and is available worldwide right now, so don’t sleep on this one. Secondly, I don’t really know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so I can only tell you what I expect from me. I expect more energy, music and self discipline. If something happens it happens. No rush, be patient and do what you do. Make honest music.


You can check out Mutual Attrction’s Facebook Page here and follow all of his upcoming releases and news!

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