Exclusive Interview: Matteo Rosolare & JoJo Angel

We speak to head honchos of Daylight Robbery Records, Matteo Rosolare & JoJo Angel, on all things house and how every cloud has a silver lining.


Daylight Robbery Records have been absolutely smashing it over the past few years with some huge names on their roster including Jey Kurmis, James Silk and Matt Fear as well as our resident Jacque Saravanté. We love the no nonsense house music these guys are putting out and decided to have a chat with them about what it’s like to run a label along with what to expect from them through the rest of the year. Check it out below!


I can imagine that running the label would eat into your own studio time at least a little, how do you generally try and balance this out and manage your time?


Matteo: Both the label and production are complete labours of love so we always want to put our time into both; but life/label/production balance is always something that’s hard to juggle… that’s all part of the fun


Could you tell us a little bit about how you promote the label and its releases? Are there any tips/tricks that you’ve used to get more exposure in the past?


Jojo: Not much of a secret other than working hard, supporting the artists you love and building up a fan base. Best thing is when those artists repay your faith and support you back, things just kind of grow naturally from there


Do you feel that it’s more difficult now to launch and manage an independent label than it would’ve been before digital took over?


Matteo & Jojo: To be honest, although we started DJ’ing on vinyl we weren’t releasing music before digital was the main platform – but we are convinced it’s never been easier to start a label and put music out.


Are there any tracks that you’ve signed that you feel are particularly significant or that are especially good representations of what the label is all about?


Matteo: So, so many, each track is kinda like a member of your family – I’d feel guilty saying I love one more than others.


What are some of the things that you look for (or listen for) when you’re sent in a demo?


Jojo: With a demo, believe it or not, a professional sounding write up explaining about the artists and experience makes us already more on board. But I guess regardless of this I normally decide whether it’s a no or a maybe within 10 seconds, then sort through the maybes and see which ones sticks with us.


Speaking generally, do you think that labels are less likely to sign music from artists who haven’t had the chance to develop a following or online presence? If so, what can up & coming producers do to get noticed?


Matteo: I think that definitely with big labels new artists may struggle to get noticed, but this is most likely because they get so many demos that they can pick and choose their artists. Part of the battle is not to be defeated and keep making better music and keep sending those demos out. We have many releases that are our artist’s first release and we love supporting new music.


You’ve already got some massive artists on board, how do you see Daylight Robbery developing over the next few years?


Jojo: Just more putting out more music that we love and throwing bigger and better nights out.


What about over the rest of 2016? Are there any releases or label nights that you’re particularly excited about?


Matteo & Jojo: Yeah lots of nights out, we’re playing Love Amplified in Portsmouth with Sidney Charles & Sante, playing His & Hers at 93ft East, Lights On at Light Box and Stage & Radio in Manchester as well as our own night in London on the 4th Nov.


Also, just out of curiosity, how did you guys come up with the name?


Matteo: And that’s an easy one. When my flat in Brixton including all my sound equipment was burgled whilst I was at work one day. I decided to see the silver lining – so Daylight Robbery Records was born.


If you would like to keep up with all things Daylight Robbery, You can follow them on their facebook page for all their upcoming releases Here.


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