Exclusive Interview: Lindsay Green

We speak to SKapade resident and legend of the Glasgow music scene Lindsay Green on what makes her tick in the studio, her return to The Club, Paisley and how young DJ’s can make an impact on the scene.


Whose music are you listening to/playing out at the moment?

I’ve would say the 5 artists I’ve been playing/listening to the most recently are Dax J, Laurent Garnier, Slam, Kobosil and Gary Beck. I love so much different music across the Techno/House spectrum so depending what time of the night I’m on I have the music to accommodate. I love banging it out at the end of the night but I also enjoy doing a proper warm up. Starting off ambient and working my way up as the night progresses.There’s too much good music out there to stick to one style.

How did you get into DJing/Music production?

I got into DJing just over 6 years ago. I had been going to Club 69 for about 6 months and after a very memorable night hearing Slam play for the first time I decided to get my first set of decks. I had my first gig down the club by the end of that year. From that point onwards I was regularly playing out in Paisley & Glasgow. A few years later I started to get booked to play in other cities and at the big techno nights in Glasgow like Pressure & Return to Mono. I remember going to these nights and looking up at the djs thinking I would love to do that, I feel really lucky to have played at these events. The Soma crew have been great over the years.

I got into music production about 3 years ago. I want to create my own sound. There are so many artists releasing music at the moment so I think you need try and be a bit different to stand out from the crowd. I mainly use hardware in my productions.  About 80% of my track will be made up of my own sounds.

Could you tell us about the studio setup you have?

I have the TR8, Bass Station II analogue synth, Micro Korg XL & Bass Bot TT 303. Life has been pretty hectic over the last few years so I’ve not had as much time in the studio as I would have liked. Things have started to settle down and I’ve got a studio in my new house so I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time in there. With every track I make I learn something new and the quality is getting better and better. The key is to keep putting the hours in and learning from those that are more advanced. SKapade & Shoogle Studios have been a great help to me over the years.

For DJs/producers that are just starting out in the scene, what advice would you be giving them and why?

For anyone starting out in the scene, my advice is to work hard and be positive, good things will happen. If you’re producing, try to make something original. Don’t copy that wishy, washy, samey Techno that loads of people are putting out. If your looking to DJ at some local nights, go along and support the night. The promoter probably gets loads of mixes through Facebook messages. Get your mix onto a CD and personally hand it the promoter, there is more chance of them listening to it because you’v made the effort to attend their event.

You recently performed at the re-opening of “The Club” in Paisley. What was it like to be back in that venue?

It was great to be back behind the cage at the club playing on opening night. The vibe in there is amazing! It’s honestly one of the best crowds to play to. The energy you get from them is on another level.Raymond & I had been running the club for the previous 3 years but it was just too much trying to juggle the club, a full time job & being left with little or no time for producing music. It was hard letting go of something you love so much but we were burning the candle at both ends. We know Nino Blink well, he ran a successful night down the club for many years so we were happy to hand the reigns over to him. With him and John at the helm we know the club will remain true to its underground ethos.

Do you have any gigs coming up in the near future?

July is a good month for gigs. It started off with me playing at Paradiso Noord in Amsterdam with Raymond. It was a great night, hoping to be back over for ADE in October. On the 8th of July I’m playing down The Club (69) Paisley for Lucid with Deepbass, Repart & Kendal. On the 22nd I’m playing the iNCEPT Summer Special at SWG3 with Kim Ann Foxman, Secluded, Frazier, Nick McPheat + more.. Last years summer special was excellent, looking forward to round 2. At the end the month I’m back at The Club for an old skool night, that’s on the 29th. We’re expecting a full house of happy ravers at this one.

What more can we expect from you in 2017?

I’m pleased to say I have my first original getting released this summer. I’m part of a VA compilation on Fraziers label Elementra Records. If you fancy a listen before the release date, the preview of the track will be on my Soundcloud in a couple of weeks. Raymond and I have been working on some tracks together in the studio.We will be releasing under the alias Co-Accused and hosting nights at The Club (69) Paisley. Delighted to be back playing the club on a regular basis and hopefully we’ll have an EP released before the year is out.

You can catch Lindsay playing regularly on our weekly Livestream direct from our Facebook page and keep up to date with all of her releases on her Soundcloud page.

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