Exclusive Interview: Jase Thirlwall


We speak to one of Scotland’s fastest rising Trance talents, Jase Thirwall, on how he makes his music, what Trance means to him and where his music will take him next.

How did you get into DJing/Music production?

I guess I always had a passion for music, especially dance music, from a really early age, a range of genres, especially Trance & Techno, I started buying vinyls and DJ’ing when I was about 18, that’s like 15 years ago now, fuck I sound old haha… I really miss saving up my money and going vinyl shopping, I used to love it! I would Jump on the train to Edinburgh, eager as fuck, run up Cockburn St and spend hours sifting through boxes of vinyls until I either got kicked out or found the gems I was after. I really really miss that man, sorry for going off on a complete fucking tangent there haha.

You are considered as one of Scotland’s up and coming Trance DJ’s alongside the likes of Will Atkinson, 2nd Phase, Stephen Kirkwood and David Rust, which artists would you say have influenced you musically?

Kind words, thank you! I look up to and admire lots of guys through out our scene and beyond, I’ve taken inspiration from a lot of people, not solely musical!
Scotland has an abundance of talent, I’ve had the pleasure of working with most of the guys at one pint or another! We really do have a solid broad spectrum of talent, the likes of Will, Stevie, David Forbes, Mark Sherry, Jon Mancini, Mallorca Lee, Grum, Slam, I could go on and on.

For DJs/producers that are just starting out in the scene, what advice would you be giving them and why?

Be fucking persistent. Be Nice. Network. Build relationships. Maintain relationships. Be Nice. Don’t Bullshit. Work hard. Ask questions. If it’s something you’re serious about, go and get it, and when the going gets tough don’t give up, there’s been many times I’ve questioned what I do but I’ve always overcome it and followed what I think is right for me!

Could you tell us about the studio setup you have?

I have a Nintendo 64 hooked up to a 32 inch colour TV, I have a blue kettle, a dodgy toaster and me grans old iron.

I run Ableton through a custom build (Thanks Stu Patchitt) & a focusright sound card, KRK monitors, Korg midiboard, 2 x pioneer CDJ 900s and Nexus DJM

You seem to be a very busy man gigs wise, you have just returned from a set at luminosity events and open to close sets in Argentina, what else is in the pipeline?

It’s been a great year so far, playing around Europe, UK & beyond, some really cool shows in the pipeline just now, this weekend I have my debut at the massive Victoria Warehouse in Manchester which I am absolutely buzzing for! Another exciting show we are working on just now on a continent I’ve never played or even been too before… looking forward to announcing!

What else can we expect from you in the future?

Some cool new music, I’ve a new single called Animal on Argentinian Duo “Heatbeats” new label “Aerys” which is currently out now! I’ve just signed another new track to a new exciting label which I’ll announce shortly, couple of other project ongoing which I’m also pretty also excited about!

You can keep up to date with all the goings on on my social platforms

That’s for taking the time out guys


You can keep up to date with all of Jase’s latest releases, gigs and news on his Facebook page Here.