Exclusive Interview: David Rust

We speak to the local DJ and producer about his time in the club scene and more!

David has not only developed a solid reputation as one of the most technically gifted DJ’s in the current trance scene, his productions have also been doing damage on the dance charts. It’s great to see a local lad making a name for himself so we thought we’d get a chat with him about his time in the club scene, his upcoming gigs and more!


Who have you been listening to recently?


Recently in terms of trance, my favorite producer has to be Sam Jones. I think what the guy makes is so cutting edge and it totally suits the style I play out in clubs. I can’t remember the last time I played a set that didn’t feature at least one of his tracks. Sam’s stuff is closely followed by Will Rees, Shugz, The Noble Six and of course the master of disaster Will Atkinson, who churns out hits for fun! I listen to a lot of other genres that aren’t dance based though. I’ve always had a soft spot for rock, it depends what I fancy on the day… I just had a bit of Linkin Park on driving to the studio there!


How did you first get involved in DJing and producing?


My musical journey started when I was 12. My Grandfather gave me my first guitar and let me hear a lot of classic rock stuff I had never heard before. This got me into nu metal and then at around 16 an old friend gave me my first set of Turntables because he didn’t have any room for them in his own place. They were a set of Numark Belt Drive decks and came with a bunch of old euro dance and hardcore records, but I only ever really had a mess around with them. It wasn’t until I went to Inside Out at the Arches for the first time and saw Eddie Halliwell (I had no idea who he was at that point) that I got into tech-trance properly, started buying records and practicing religiously.


I started producing at around 22 but it wasn’t until about a few years ago I actually started taking it a bit more seriously and tried learn more about the craft. To this day, I’m in my studio every chance I get, learning more and pushing myself forward. I feel as though I didn’t know anything about making music before 2013 and it’s only been in the past few years that things that have really clicked into place.


Are there any artists that have influenced you in particular?


Yeah there are loads but the main ones are Eddie Halliwell, Simon Patterson, J.O.C, S.V.D, Sean Tyas, Scot Project,

Kamui and Vandall. Obviously Picotto and Piu inspired most of the tech trance game so they’re worth a mention too.


Could you tell us a bit about your studio setup?


Yeah of course! I have an external studio next door to my good mate and Scottish legend David Forbes, My setup is pretty basic though to be honest. It consists of – A standard production PC (i7,8gb ram), RME fireface UC soundcard, 2x Monkey banana Turbo 6 monitors, an M-Audio controller and an Access Virus desktop TI.



After the release of Reality Check, which has got the attention of some huge names, what are you working

on at the moment?


I’ve got loads of new bits in the pipeline. I just finished a new original titled “Visions”, so there’ll be more info on that one to follow soon. There’s another handful of other projects (both originals and remixes) that I have been chipping away at too. I still have a full time job which I need to work around, so essentially all my time off is spent in the little windowless rave cave I call a studio. I also have a handful of collaborations coming up… One with Shugz, one with David Forbes and another with an another legendary trance act who has been around for decades… Their name is 4 syllables and that’s your only hint… Oh and a follow up to Reality Check with Gary has been discussed!


It must’ve felt like a huge achievement to be included in Black Hole Recordings ‘In Trance We Trust’ CD.

Did you ever imagine that you’d hold an official hard copy of your music when you started out?


It certainly is for a producer at my level. Adam Ellis messaged me directly and said I want you to produce

a track for this project and you have a month. He’s been so good to me and is pushing my name at any chance he gets. It normally takes me absolutely ages to finish off a track but I essentially put my life on hold for a month so I could get this rattled out. To see the end product on hard copy makes it so worth it.


Over the years that you’ve been in the club scene, you’ve developed a solid reputation not only as a producer

but also as a DJ. How do you divide your time between mixing and making music?


I think that I practiced mixing so much when I was younger that I don’t need to do it as much now. It’s a bit like riding a bike to me. I always see myself as more of a DJ than a producer but producing music was the next logical step to progress so I wanted to learn. Unlike many others, Music production is not something that comes that easily

to me, but at least I am doing it… Even if it does stress me out most of the time. The feeling of a good session in the studio when you’re in your flow is just incredible.


You’ve always been a regular with Glasgow clubbing brand Trancelate, how did it feel to be asked to

step up and become a resident?


It felt great when I got to the point that I was an additional headliner for most of the Trancelate events over the space of 3 years. I had played something like 7 of the events so to be put on at them all was incredible. My first gig as a resident was the sold out Vini Vici night, which I have to say was one of the best gigs that I have ever played. The brand is going from strength to strength so it’s awesome to see it grow alongside my own personal goals while I’m filling the residential slot.



Their event with Sneijder at TUR is coming up at the end of the month, what kind of set are you planning for it?


Just my usual dose of techy high energy filth… Taps aff material as they say. It’s not one to be missed. There’s been a serious lack of Trance events at Halloween since Inside Out stopped. It was always one of the best nights of the year, so make sure that you get yourself down to TUR on Saturday for a good old knees up.


What else have you got coming up over the rest of the year? Any gigs or releases you can tell us about?


I’ve got two Trancelate dates, Rong in Manchester, Intense Launch in Dublin and Sonic Rapture in Edinburgh before the end of the year. I don’t have a release date for my next original yet but I just had Reality Check released last week which has reached #2 in the Beatport Trance top 100 so I am happy for now on the release front!

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