Exclusive Interview: BEC

We speak to Second State’s newest up and coming talent, BEC, on her love of club culture, her studio set up and what she has planned for the future.

What were your early influences in music?

I studied music at school, and really loved it. That encouraged me to learn to play the guitar and piano. Then as a teenager I was really into the UKs massive Drum & Bass and Dubstep scene, which led me to venture out to clubs in Brighton such as The Arches and Coalition before moving to London and discovering Fabric which was in its hay day. I remember going to its 10th birthday and watching artists like DBX, and Ricardo Villalobos.

What made you want to be a DJ/Producer?

After starting to collect music at the age of 15, I found that by 23, I had a very extensive collection, and music knowledge that just naturally led me to wanting to produce and play my own. It was during the year 2014 in London that I turned this into a reality and started playing at local parties in the city.

Whose music are you enjoying currently?

I have always loved and still love Maxime Dangles, who also forms one of three as another alias “Möd3rn”. I find his productions very unpredictable. The mixture of solid beats and often floaty melodic synth lines create a unique feeling.

How do you find it living in Berlin compared to London? Do you think the city has an influence on your music?

Living here is so different to London, in every sense. It’s a city of extremes. The atmosphere is a lot more open than London. I find because it’s a much more affordable, people are able to pursue what they love more, rather than just earning a living. And that creates a special energy throughout the city. Having said that, London will always be home and I love going back to visit.

Where’s your favourite place to play in the world?

Hmm. So far, a few places come to mind. I definitely have to say Burning Man, both Afrika Burn and the original one in America. It’s really like nowhere else on earth.

Could you tell us about the studio setup you have?

At home I just have a small setup, with a Roland TR-8 which I use to program my beats. A Shure SM58 mic for any spoken acapellas I use. Adam audio a7x monitors. And an m-audio keyboard. However, I also use Lacroix studios in Kruezberg, where there’s tons of gear! In all of my new productions I’m using a mixture of the Elektron Analog-Rhythm, Tempest, and the Analog heat to fatten all the sounds up.

Have you seen your sound develop over the last few years?

Its developed a lot! I’m sure every producer would say that. I’m continuously defining my sound to keep things fresh, and if I wasn’t, it wouldn’t be as fun for sure!

We have had a listen to your upcoming ‘Law Of Attraction’ EP on Second State in the studio and it went down a storm! What other releases do you have coming up?

I just have one other EP in the pipeline right now, coming out in December. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal which label its on, but I will be venturing away from my home label Second State for this one. I guess I could give a hint that it has British roots! I’m quite patriotic so I’m pretty excited about it. Apart from that I’ve just finished up a whole load of new music, so should have more releases on the way for early next year.

Are you looking forward to the launch of your new club night ‘Curio’? What inspired you to start your own night? And how did you come up with the name?

Yes! Its been planned for almost a whole year now. So you can only imagine I am beside myself with excitement. Well, I met Lennert Luypaert and Antoine De Brabandere from Club Vaag two years ago when I first played in Club Vaag. And I absolutely loved it – such an intimate and cool club with an amazing light installation. Quite quickly, Club Vaag started to feel like a home venue for me. Then Lennert approached me with the idea of starting my own concept night there, so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. The name came quite naturally. Meaning “an object of intrigue” I want to highlight the supporting act of the night. As I know its often so hard to gain exposure as an upcoming artist. I want to really feature them, and give them the spotlight, instead of it being on the headliner (as usual). I was given this chance by Pan-Pot and I’m so grateful for it that I want to continue the path they gave to me, and pass it on to someone else who I think is extremely talented.

We see that you’ve booked ‘Frazier’ to play on the night who is good friend of ours! What influenced your decision to add him to the line up?

I first noticed Frazier when he released on the Second State Sum compilation. We then met when I played at SWG3 in Glasgow in March. I really loved the track he released on the comp and got in touch with him to hear more of his unreleased stuff. I was super happy he shared it with me and I’ve been playing pretty much all his tracks since. I know he hasn’t played in Belgium before, and I think his sound would fit perfectly to the vibe there, so what better opportunity than to showcase him for my very first edition in Vaag!

What advice would you give young, aspiring producers looking to make an impact on the scene?

Firstly, be yourself. In every sense. Don’t try to fit to a certain sound, or trend, or even persona. If you do, you’ll just become one of the thousands of other producers trying to make it. Secondly, believing in yourself is the key to success. There are such emotional highs and lows that come with the nature of this business, but just stay positive and visualize yourself exactly where you would want to be in 10 years, and then try to do it in 2.

You can catch BEC playing alongside Sam Paganini on the 4th of November at Kompass Klub, Belgium as we as keep up to date with all of her latest releases on her socials at the top of the page.