Exclusive Interview: Bearcubs

Bearcubs breaks down his creative process and recaps on how he got involved in electronic music. Read the full interview here!


We chat with Bearcubs, who has been taking the electronic scene by storm with a unique blend of mind bending sounds than take influence from trip hop, soul, house and progressive. With a portfolio of distinctive tracks, Bearcubs has really been turning heads with his live shows and has even been catching the attention of Radio 1s Annie Mac. Fresh off a recent gig in Glasgow, he talks with us about his creative process, live setup and more!


How did you first get involved in music production?


I studied music at university, and it helped me discover electronic music. I had always been a casual appreciator but never fully understood it until then. I started listening to producers, like Baths and Flying Lotus and it made me want to start producing straight away.


What drew you into electronic music in particular?


The possibilities and freedom that those artists were achieving with electronic music – the fact that there are no limits or boundaries to what you can make, and the way you can create songs and soundscapes was the key reason why I delved deeper into it.


Your tour promoted by Majestic Casual is rapidly approaching, how did that come about?


Majestic Casual have great supporters of my music for a while, so when we were looking for presenting partners for the tour we’d just put together, it was a no-brainer to chat with those guys.


Are you excited to be on the the road gigging?


Yeah, especially as it’s my first tour and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while!


What’s your live setup like?


The live set-up is relatively simple. I wanted to avoid using computers, as I feel it can often take away from the performance. The whole set is played on hardware synths, samplers and live vocals. The set feels really good to play, especially after hearing how well the songs I’ve written over the last year or so really flow together.


You have a very unique style, could you tell us a bit about your creative process? How do you get started on a new track?


I usually start a track with some kind of idea, whether that be lyrical or a sonic atmosphere I’d like to create. Then it’s just a process of experimenting with different sounds and melodies until I find something that clicks. Usually when I’m writing tracks, I try to create as many different ideas as I can, and then I strip the songs back to the essential elements.


Do you have any advice for bedroom producers and DJs who are currently trying to get noticed and make a name for themselves?


My main piece of advice would be to make as much music as you can, experiment with new ideas and don’t be afraid to try weird things out. It obviously helps to get your music up on as many online platforms as you can as well. I’m still learning these things myself though.


Other than your tour, do you have any gigs or releases coming up that you can share with us?


I’m currently working on some really exciting collaborations, and some more live plans are in the works but nothing that I can share just yet!


What about over the rest of 2017? What can we expect to see from Bearcubs?


More music certainly coming soon, and some really special announcements in due time.


Catch up with Bearcubs latest tracks, gigs and more here: https://www.facebook.com/bearcubsmusic/

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