Exclusive Interview: Audiomatiques

We speak with Audiomatiques about his influences, studio setup, favourite places to play and more!!


Audiomatiques has been turning heads in the techno scene for a number of years now through his energetic, unique live sets and has developed a reputation for releasing his own distinct take on techno music. We’re big fans of his music at SKapade so we decided to take the opportunity to have a chat with him! Check out the interview in full below.


What were your early influences in music?

I started playing music in 1994 when house music was really popular, but over the years I’ve found myself getting more and more involved into techno music and parties.

What made you want to be a DJ/Producer?


Since I was young I have been really captivated by the great power of music has. It is allows you to freely express yourself and lets other people have fun at same time.


So, I tried my best to turn this passion into my job. Becoming a producer was just the next step so I trained at Nut Academy and graduated in electronic music in 2009.


Whose music are you enjoying at the moment?


I respect any artist who cares about the quality of their work and, I especially appreciated my friends from “Neapolitan Techno”.

What’s it like to have Markantonio as a mentor? And how has he helped you grow as an Artist/Producer?


Markantonio is a friend first, but also an amazing artist. He always gave me a lot of solid professional advice and for this, I can’t thank him enough.

Which other artists would you say have influenced you musically?


Danny Tenaglia, Rino Cerrone, Markantonio, Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano but there are many others Artists that I also have a lot of respect for.

Where’s your favourite place to play in the world?


Playing in Napoli is fascinating every time…

Could you tell us about the studio setup you have?


My studio in Napoli is like a second home. We’re always in constant evolution. This studio originally was the studio of Rino Cerrone and Joseph Capriati. After that I was shared it with Roberto Capuano and Aaron Bessemer for about 5-6 years. Now, I’ve been sharing it with our sound designer Stefano Bottalla for about a year or so. I was also very lucky to have some other great roommates such as; Beatside Team, the prestigious Booking and Management agency of my friend and manager Genny Mosca, International Talent Team (by which I’m proudly represented worldwide), Loose Club Team, Markantonio and Lerio Corrado. It’s nice to be part of a big family and confront yourself with people who truly enjoy music and have a passion for it.

Have you seen your sound change over the last 7 years?


I think so. It is important to keep moving forward year by year. I am glad to have had music released on labels like Unrilis, Loose Records, Analytic Trail, MKT, Bauns, Octupus, Respekt, Bush, Florida, etc. Now I am focusing on my work in studio sessions, trying to experiment with new ideas without losing my own musical dimension. I think you always need to make sure that you’re working as hard as you can.

You have some great releases on Loose Records, Octopus and Respekt – What labels are you targeting now?


I’m glad you appreciate my music, thanks! At the moment I’m very happy to be the A&R of Unrilis and Loose Records, which are two Neapolitan underground techno labels founded by Mario Manganelli and Rino Cerrone. I’m very attached to both of these and it’s a very stimulating experience which is making me grow a lot. I’m also working on new tracks for the labels, as well as remixes and other upcoming projects.

What can we expect from you in 2017?


It will be an amazing 2017 full of new releases and gigs in clubs and festivals around the world. Stay tuned on my social networks!


Thanks for the interview and a special thanks to my personal manager Aurora Garritani from Beatside.

See you soon!

Keep up to date with Audiomatiques live dates and releases here: https://www.facebook.com/audiomatiques/

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