Exclusive Interview: Allan Morrow

We speak to up and coming Trance DJ/producer Allan Morrow on his love of Trance, playing over in the states and his tips for aspiring producers wanting to up their game in the studio.

How did you initially get involved in electronic music and then specifically trance?

I actually first started listening to electronic music from a very young age in the back of my mum’s car. She used to play a lot of the old Gatecrasher & Euphoria CDs whilst driving and I remember thinking that it gave me a strange feeling when listening to it that no other music genres did. As I then got older I just got more interested in it and started to search for new music myself which then lead me to my first holiday without the parents to Ibiza and from that day I have been hooked ever since.

Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment, Trance or otherwise?

So many great artists out there at the moment but it’s the ones who are pushing boundaries and trying new things that are grabbing me. The likes of Will Atkinson, Mark Sherry, Key 4050, Alex Di Stefano & recently Dax J are all doing great things at the moment and are inspiring me a lot!

What about tunes? Are there any tracks in particular that have been causing it in your sets?

Some great tracks out there at the moment which I don’t know the names of but have heard them recently in a lot of JOC’s sets and I’m 90% sure they are Key 4050 tracks. Really techy stripped back tracks with unusual sounds you don’t really hear around. Their new remix with Deirdre McLaughlin is unreal! My track of the year so far!

You played over in the states recently. What was the experience like?

It was amazing! Flying over to places I have never really been before to do my dream job is still surreal to me so when I play in places like that its almost like I’m just dreaming it. The weather also makes for a fantastic time 😉

What’s the dance scene like over there at the moment? Did you notice much of a difference to here in the UK?

It’s pretty clear that they have a strong growing scene over there! I love seeing how different crowds react to my sets and from the last few times I have been there they are definitely one of the more energetic and passionate crowds! I played at the last Winterfresh Festival and the crowd was crazy! People dancing how they wanted to without a care in the world. Fair play to them!

What are you working on in the studio just now?

I have a bundle of new tracks I’m working on in the studio. I am going back to a sound I love and entered this scene for. More info soon.

Do you have any releases coming up that we should keep an ear out for?

I have a new track signed to Pure Trance and another one coming on Grotesque too. These will be the last two tracks released before I go back to the sound I love.

Do you have any gigs planned over the rest of 2017 that you can tell us about?

Lots of great gigs coming up but just in that phase of waiting for them all to be announced at the moment! You can catch me in October though at Kinetic at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester which is going to be unreal! I’ll also be heading back over to Belfast for Halloween at Re:Loop to play with Indecent Noise, James Dymond & More.

Do you have any tips for aspiring DJs and producers who are trying to progress to a professional level?

I think it all depends on what your goals are… If you want to be an all-round artist who produces & plays high-profile gigs then my advice to you is to put the DJing to a side. Unfortunately, nowadays you need to produce to get good gigs. The tracks are pretty much like tickets to being booked. So for me, I would suggest just concentrating on production only as trying to get gigs is just one more thing to think about or get distracted by.

Learn how to produce and it will be the most rewarding thing you ever do. It tests you in so many ways and not just your ability to produce music. It tests your patience and mental strength and for me has helped me grow up a lot. It gave me something to work hard for and has been the best thing I ever did. Producing is far from a walk in the park but it’s also not rocket science (although sometimes it may feel like it haha) so just stick at it and you will see the rewards!

The last year or so I have been delving into different sounds to make me a better producer. Now that I know how to make certain sounds I am really going to experiment and just make what feels right at the time. I Currently have a few tracks which are nearly finished and will fit in with my new sound! More info on them soon!

You can keep up to date with all of Allan’s latest releases and gigs over at his Facebook page Here