Exclusive Interview: 2nd Phase

Taking the trance & techno scene by storm, our in house duo 2nd Phase are absolutely smashing it at the moment. Take a look at their interview with us here!

2nd Phase is a name that’s been rising up the ranks over the last few years with their momentum growing at a rapid pace. Not scared to shake things up by playing a mix of techno and trance music, they’ve established an instantly recognisable sound for themselves that has rocked dancefloors worldwide. Since we’ve been having such a great time chatting with and interviewing some of our favourite artists, we thought it would only be right to give you all a look behind the curtain so that you could see how some of our residents are getting on!

Whose music are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment we’re listening to Adam Beyer’s set from Awakenings festival. We made it along to Luminosity and Awakenings which were on the same weekend back in July and it was definitely one to remember!


Generally though, we’re liking the productions coming from labels such as Outburst, Damaged, Kearnage and Subculture. Everything they put out is right up our street in terms of style and production. Labels like Drumcode, DSR Digital, Naked Lunch and Ying Yang records are really doing it for us as well when it comes to the techno gear. Other than that, Smooth Radio is essential listening in the car!


Who are some of your favourite DJs/producers and why?

Guys like Alex Di Stefano, Mark Sherry, David Forbes, Stephen Kirkwood, Will Atkinson, Darmec, Sebastien Leger (to name a few) are all inspiring. All have crafted their own sound and that has to be praised. We absolutely love the creativity and diversity in Will’s productions; he’s firing on all cylinders at the moment. People need to take note and try switching it up a little. There’s far too much recycled nonsense flooding the charts.


How did you get into making music/DJing?

We started off just messing about on Ableton and we were both instantly hooked. It was, and still is, a complete obsession. I’ll always remember the first time that we burned one of our tracks from Ableton onto a CD and played it in the car. There was something really exciting and rewarding about it.

We spent hours upon hours watching tutorials online until we were able to get the guts of a track done. Through a friend, we managed to get some time in the studio with David Forbes. We sat in with Davie while he helped us make some of our first tracks and learned a whole load from watching him work. We were then able to get in with Sherry where we got to delve a bit deeper into a variety of different production and processing techniques. Thinking about it now, we were extremely lucky to get the opportunity to learn from two legends like that. We’re very grateful to be given a chance like that.


Do you have any advice for people who are just starting to mix or make their own music?

The best advice we can give is to spend time with some producers who really know their stuff. There are plenty of opportunities to make that happen as well as some great online sources like SKapade Studios, Sonic Academy, Future music etc. Toolroom are doing some pretty cool studio tutorials too. Even if what you’re watching isn’t specific to the genre you’re going for, you’ll pick up tips and techniques. Most importantly, it’s essential that you put in the hours and practice. Practice is everything. Never think, ‘I can’t do this’. You can… You just need to put in the graft.


You’ve recently been over in Ibiza playing with Mark Sherry’s Outburst label night. How was the gig?

We had a great night. We’ve had countless trips to Ibiza between us over the years so it was brilliant to get the chance to play over there. Mark’s really pushing his Outburst brand and it’s doing well at the moment so there’ll hopefully be a lot more nights like that in the future.


What are your thoughts on the Scottish trance scene at the moment, how do you see it developing over the next few years?

Scotland’s jam packed with cool nights and there’s always a lot on. Although, in general, I think that trance can feel a little isolated from the dance scene sometimes. Because it’s remained fairly underground as a genre, you don’t tend to get people going just to say that they were there, in the same way you sometimes do with other more mainstream dance music. That means you’re left with people who really know their stuff and who are there for the music rather than the image. It might be partly to do with that, but there are some really great brands kicking about at the moment who are delivering the goods.


Do you have any sets coming up that you can tell us about?

Nothing we can announce right now but we just played at Euphoric Nights in Dundee a couple of weekends ago alongside Allen & Envy and Neptune Project. It was a really awesome gig. We couldn’t have asked for more from the Euphoric Nights guys and the crowd were absolutely mad for it.


Could you tell us a bit about your studio set-up?

We work from two different studios, but both have a pretty similar set-up (Focusrite pro45 Soundcard, Monkey Bannana 8″ monitors, Cubase 8 and Ableton Live 9 ReWire along with an absolute load of plugins VST’s and samples). To be more specific, the VSTI’s we use most regularly are things like Sylenth, Spire, Zebra, Massive & Hive.


What are you working on at the moment?

Between the two of us, a mixture of trance and techno as well as a few collabs that we’ve got on the go.


What should we expect from you musically over the rest of the year?

We’ve just signed a track to Jordan Suckley’s Damaged Records which we’re really excited about. We tried it out in Dundee and it’s safe to say that it did the damage (pardon the pun…) We also have a collab with Stephen Kirkwood on Grotesque and a release on Outburst which will both be out in October time. Expect a load of Techno tracks too! Watch oot!

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