Emerging Talent “Floog & Mahony” debut their EP

When you combine a resident of Bucharest’s Kristal Club, and one-third of Premiesku, you get the formula for a brand new EP, nurtured into existence by Dubfire himself, on his label, SCI+TEC. You can head to Beatport to preorder the release now!

Mahony, a Kristal Club and Sunwaves Festival resident, alongside Floog, AKA George G have joined forces for Moscow 21, their debut as a duo.

“Floog is no stranger to the fans who follow the amazing Romanian music scene, having been the third member of Premiesku along with his fantastic own solo productions. For this release I’m very happy to have him join my good friend Mahony, who I’ve seen blossom over the years into a formidable artist and one of my favorite DJs” – Dubfire

Describing their tracks as a blend of the sounds heard in Romania, with a more traditional approach to techno, their EP explores two directions:

“Waiting for the Day” follows a trance-inducing, spacious, percussive skeleton, allowing plenty of room for the bouncy low frequency which is key to this track’s identity. This song concludes the journey with uplifting pads allowing for a dawn-time euphoria.

Coming in heavier, with a much more weight behind the kicks, we can hear “Moscow 21” the track from which the EP is titled. Expect more focus on the percussion, with focus jumping from element to element, as the underlying swells take the listener higher and higher.

The EP is available to buy on Beatport from August 10th.


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