What’s the difference between Compressor and Glue Compressor

ABLETON offers two brilliant compressor effects, Compressor and Glue Compressor, they are both used extensively and look quite different, but what is the difference in their sound? In brief Compressor is the default compression plugin in Live 10, it offers a wide range of control and will suit most needs. Glue Compressor is an emulated Read more about What’s the difference between Compressor and Glue Compressor[…]

The swift production style of DJ duo Kolonie

By Ema Sabljak “Speed and always moving forward,” is the favoured approach to music production of DJ and producer duo Kolonie. It is that very approach that was integral in producing their newest progressive trance and house single, Moments. Kolonie is formed by Shane Long and Kane Harris, who have been developing their sound for Read more about The swift production style of DJ duo Kolonie[…]

Stephen Kirkwood – Exclusive Interview

A soundproofed attic of an innocuous industrial unit in the town of Dumbarton, Scotland, hides a secret. I am seated in the studio of Stephen Kirkwood, a room where his globally received trance music and latest hits are produced. Across his desk lies an assortment of hardware synths and drum machines, an iMac dominates the Read more about Stephen Kirkwood – Exclusive Interview[…]

Ableton Audio Effects Racks & Macros

This guide will explore one of the ways to use effects racks to tidy up and streamline your editing process. Not only can Ableton allow extremely advanced rack options, but you can also control multiple parameters with macros creating a whole new world of efficiency and creativity. The first thing to do for this is Read more about Ableton Audio Effects Racks & Macros[…]

The classic effect vs the convenient tool

Sidechain Vs LFO

With the online tools available, there are many paths to the same goal when it comes to producing music. Plenty of tools are created to simplify creation processes, and many more can be used in place of each other. One of the most interesting is the divide between producers who like to sidechain their bass and kick, and those who like to use an LFO tool to achieve the same effect. Today we explore the differences between each, and which you should choose to do the right job. […]

Pig&Dan Unveil Monthly “Odyssey” in Fabric

Achieving multi-label success, Pig&Dan are no strangers to the scene, with experience sitting at Beatport #1, their tracks carry weight in terms of both sound and reputation. Their latest projects include starting up a monthly series of events at fabric called Odyssey. With the first night on Sunday 7th October, they offer insight into what is in store for future events, including their debut live show. […]

Tuning Your Kick Drum

You may have heard people talking about tuning their kick drums to improve their songs, both musically and in terms of production ease. This is something which is ignored by many producers, both knowingly and unknowingly. Today I’m going to be discussing the merits of doing so, but also when it isn’t necessary. The issue is contentious in the industry, where some producers swear by tuning kicks, others such as Steve Duda, creator of Xfer and popular synth Serum, believe it is not important. So why do people tune their kick drum, or any sample for that matter?


Label Release : A.S.H – ‘Vortex’ EP (We Are The Brave)

We Are The Brave, a label now renowned for churning out mega club hits from the moment Alan released his ‘We Do What We Want’ back in 2016. What a ride it’s been since, as if Gary Beck, Darius Syrossian, Sasha and a Trevino remix weren’t enough, they have already proved that 2018 is perhaps Read more about Label Release : A.S.H – ‘Vortex’ EP (We Are The Brave)[…]

Exclusive Interview: Alex Ranerro

We speak to Solvd magazine co-owner and House DJ/Producer Alex Ranerro about his creative process, his latest Solvd event and how he got his start in the music scene. How did you get into DJ’ing/Music production? I discovered music production in high school when a friend of mine gave me a copy of Reason, FL Read more about Exclusive Interview: Alex Ranerro[…]

Exclusive Interview: Mark Sixma

Ahead of his show at Avalon Hollywood tomorrow evening, Mark Sixma sat down with us to talk about all things musical, his favourite places to play in the world and what 2018 has in store for him. Are you looking forward to the gig? What do enjoy most about playing in America? I can’t wait!! Read more about Exclusive Interview: Mark Sixma[…]

Ableton Live 10 for Trance and Techno producers Part I: New Devices

Finally, Ableton Live 10 has been announced, and is out on beta. There have been a plethora of articles and lists made to spell out the new features and updates to the DAW, but few have focused on what the update offers for making specific genres. Producers of Techno and/or Trance will find that Ableton Read more about Ableton Live 10 for Trance and Techno producers Part I: New Devices[…]

Alan Fitzpatrick hails Marcus Intalex aka Trevino’s emotional remix of his latest release ‘Magentic Dog’ on new label We Are The Brave

  Marcus Intalex aka Trevino delivers raw, emotional and quite frankly outstanding Techno after his sudden death earlier this year. Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave label has been busy laying down foundations for the past twelve months. The run-away commercial success of their debut single “We Do What We Want” was just the start, Read more about Alan Fitzpatrick hails Marcus Intalex aka Trevino’s emotional remix of his latest release ‘Magentic Dog’ on new label We Are The Brave[…]

Exclusive Interview: BEC

We speak to Second State’s newest up and coming talent, BEC, on her love of club culture, her studio set up and what she has planned for the future. What were your early influences in music? I studied music at school, and really loved it. That encouraged me to learn to play the guitar and Read more about Exclusive Interview: BEC[…]

Exclusive Interview: Jase Thirlwall

  We speak to one of Scotland’s fastest rising Trance talents, Jase Thirwall, on how he makes his music, what Trance means to him and where his music will take him next. How did you get into DJing/Music production? I guess I always had a passion for music, especially dance music, from a really early Read more about Exclusive Interview: Jase Thirlwall[…]

Exclusive Article: SKapade Scoop Top Start-up

At the star studded Herald Society Awards at the Radisson Blue Hotel, Glasgow on Wednesday 1 November, SKapade Studios beat off tough competition to scoop the illustrious ‘Social Start-Up’ Award. The group aim to benefit those youngsters who are often left behind or struggle in the traditional education system – and their efforts are really Read more about Exclusive Article: SKapade Scoop Top Start-up[…]

Exclusive Interview: Grensta

How did you get into DJing/Music Production? I have always been fascinated with DJ culture and the art of making music. I was, and still am, heavily into hip hop. The gritty drums and production style of “boom boom bap” hip hop really transferred over to underground house and tech for me. After DJing for Read more about Exclusive Interview: Grensta[…]

Exclusive Interview: SHADED

We speak to SCI+TEC regular and up and coming Minimal Techno DJ/Producer SHADED about the battle between analog & digital, his musical background and his upcoming gig at Synergy festival in South Africa. How did you get into DJing/Music Production? I got into music production well before DJ’ing as I have always been into making music. Read more about Exclusive Interview: SHADED[…]

Exclusive Interview: Layton Giordani

  We speak to the new face of Drumcode, Layton Giordani on his early influences in music, his relationship with Adam Beyer and a very special collaboration he has in the pipeline with a legend of the scene. What were your early influences in music? I listen a lot to DJ’s like Victor Calderone, Danny Read more about Exclusive Interview: Layton Giordani[…]

Exclusive Interview: Allan Morrow

We speak to up and coming Trance DJ/producer Allan Morrow on his love of Trance, playing over in the states and his tips for aspiring producers wanting to up their game in the studio. How did you initially get involved in electronic music and then specifically trance? I actually first started listening to electronic music Read more about Exclusive Interview: Allan Morrow[…]

Exclusive Interview: Behind the Scenes with Luke Curtis

In this new instalment of our interview series, we speak to the people in the music industry making the machine work in the background. For our first article, we speak to one of dance music’s most well known photographers, Luke Curtis, on photographing the likes of Carl Cox & David Guetta, his humble beginnings and Read more about Exclusive Interview: Behind the Scenes with Luke Curtis[…]

House Makes Glasgow

In this article we look at the booming house music scene in Glasgow. The house music scene in Glasgow over the years has flourished into one of the most vibrant and creative hubs in the whole of the UK. Artists and Djs taking their craft worldwide and promoters booking some of the biggest names in Read more about House Makes Glasgow[…]

Stephen Kirkwood-The Hook Interview

Our founder and World touring DJ and Producer Stephen Kirkwood gives an in depth interview of what’s been happening over the past year in his busy lifestyle. In his latest Interview, we get a detailed look at the life of a musician and businessman. check out the spread below!

Tips for writing an Interesting melody

Major? Minor? whats the best for writing a really good melody? here at SKapade, we give you some of our top tips for getting people’s hands in the air. Putting together a main melody for your track can be one of the hardest parts of songwriting. While sometimes it comes naturally, other times, you’ll end Read more about Tips for writing an Interesting melody[…]

Dj Obi Breaks the world record for the World’s Longest Dj Set

‘I woke up hallucinating after 4 or 5 days and had lost full control of my body…’ What’s the longest set you’ve ever seen? An open to close maybe? An extended 6/8 hour set? Even these can be difficult to keep dancing through at times. But Nigerian born, DJ Obi, has recently broken the world Read more about Dj Obi Breaks the world record for the World’s Longest Dj Set[…]

If you had never heard dance music before…

Kerri Chandler is embarking on an project and we’re excited to see the results…. Kerri seems to be all over social media at the moment with his remix of Paul Mcartney’s classic, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five causing a stir online and even Mcartney himself taking the time to share it. He’s also embarking on Read more about If you had never heard dance music before…[…]

Exclusive Interview: Spektre

We interview two of the most forward thinking producers in Techno, Spektre. Recently, our resident and CEO Stephen Kirkwood spent some time in the studio with Richard Wakley and Paul Maddox of Spektre and was blown away by their expertise and technical ability. The guys were really welcoming and were good enough to answer a Read more about Exclusive Interview: Spektre[…]

SKapade Studios: Dance Music Production Services Scotland and the Underground Scene

We share our thoughts on dance music production in Scotland and how it’s changed over the years.   The Scottish dance music scene has always been a thriving and passionate one. As a nation, we’ve had our fair share of worldwide success and the list of Scottish artists who have established themselves amongst the all Read more about SKapade Studios: Dance Music Production Services Scotland and the Underground Scene[…]

DJ Lessons Glasgow & Dumbarton

We offer a wide range of services here at SKapade Studios and our aim is to provide clients with a unique experience where they can take in knowledge from professionals in the dance music scene. One of the many services that we offer is DJ lessons from members of team. Whether DJing is something you Read more about DJ Lessons Glasgow & Dumbarton[…]

Music Production in Glasgow and Dumbarton

One of the most sought after services offered at SKapade Studios is professional music production tuition. This can be tailored to suit those who are interested in getting started and learning more as well along with well experienced producers.   Our engineers are seasoned professionals who have had tracks signed to some of the most Read more about Music Production in Glasgow and Dumbarton[…]