Supercharge your mix with Supercharger GT

Compressors can be subtle, transparent, and clean. If you want that, most DAWs have a perfectly suitable candidate. Let’s assume you have access to one of them and are now looking for something more beefy. This is where you might look towards Supercharger GT by Native Instruments. Coming in at $99 on the company’s website Read more about Supercharge your mix with Supercharger GT[…]

Abletunes EQ Wise+ Review

When looking for new plugins to add to your DAW, you can get caught down the rabbit hole. There are hundreds of different variants of each plugin type, many of which are no better than the stock plugins bundled with your DAW of choice. Very rarely do we find plugins which offer something new, or a better workflow. Today is a day where the Skapade crew have found a plugin which may qualify as a  gold find.