The classic effect vs the convenient tool

Sidechain Vs LFO

With the online tools available, there are many paths to the same goal when it comes to producing music. Plenty of tools are created to simplify creation processes, and many more can be used in place of each other. One of the most interesting is the divide between producers who like to sidechain their bass and kick, and those who like to use an LFO tool to achieve the same effect. Today we explore the differences between each, and which you should choose to do the right job. […]

Pig&Dan Unveil Monthly “Odyssey” in Fabric

Achieving multi-label success, Pig&Dan are no strangers to the scene, with experience sitting at Beatport #1, their tracks carry weight in terms of both sound and reputation. Their latest projects include starting up a monthly series of events at fabric called Odyssey. With the first night on Sunday 7th October, they offer insight into what is in store for future events, including their debut live show. […]