Tuning Your Kick Drum

You may have heard people talking about tuning their kick drums to improve their songs, both musically and in terms of production ease. This is something which is ignored by many producers, both knowingly and unknowingly. Today I’m going to be discussing the merits of doing so, but also when it isn’t necessary. The issue is contentious in the industry, where some producers swear by tuning kicks, others such as Steve Duda, creator of Xfer and popular synth Serum, believe it is not important. So why do people tune their kick drum, or any sample for that matter?


Abletunes EQ Wise+ Review

When looking for new plugins to add to your DAW, you can get caught down the rabbit hole. There are hundreds of different variants of each plugin type, many of which are no better than the stock plugins bundled with your DAW of choice. Very rarely do we find plugins which offer something new, or a better workflow. Today is a day where the Skapade crew have found a plugin which may qualify as a  gold find.


4 Tricks for Producers to Perfect Their Tracks

There is a big jump from laying down your ideas in the DAW to the finished track. Most producers undergo many hours of processing and polishing before they feel comfortable publishing the song. This can lead to ear fatigue and poor judgement because you are so used to the elements that they cannot be mixed properly. This article outlines some of the steps employed by producers around the world to ensure they output the quality they need. […]