Welcome to SKapade Studios


The entire team at SKapade understand the importance of personal development, interactive learning, positive vibes and a fun learning environment and that's exactly what we've created here. Our teachers vary from world-touring DJ’s & producers to motivational speakers and business coaches. We teach the power of working hard, defining goals, self development and working to the best of your ability. With long-established names in the music industry, we provide you with a place to develop your music production techniques, but also a place where you can gain invaluable insight into the essential workings of the creative industries as a whole. Do you want to get signed to the industry's biggest labels? Do you want to learn how to run your social media effectively for maximum exposure? We will teach you all the tricks of the trade, whilst giving you insider insight into this amazing industry.


SKapade Studios offers a range of services from 1-2-1 tuition and our exclusive Masterclasses, to DJ lessons and much more. We adapt to your needs and requirements and we're really flexible, as we understand how busy you are. We can adapt our services around you, your budget and your schedule. We will make sure that that you have an amazing experience down with the Skapade Team, one that you tell all your friends about!