Skype Session


Our bespoke Skype Sessions allow everyone to access our services at SKapade from anywhere in the world. These sessions are for the dedicated learner – the true professional who wants nothing but one-to-one time from the comfort of your own home or studio with some of the best talent in the music industry today.

Sessions can be bought hourly for £30 per hour.

What you will learn

  • Arrangement
  • Building percussion & kicks
  • How to use EQ
  • Compression & side chaining
  • Understanding plugins, software & VST instruments
  • Editing & manipulating audio
  • Understanding MIDI
  • Using synths
  • Recording instruments & vocals
  • Using FX
  • Song structure
  • Analysing your tracks and progress
  • Working on the areas you wish to improve on
  • Plus immersing yourself amongst the Skapade Team culture


Stephen Kirkwood / 2nd Phase / Craig Hughes / Jack Dyer

Course Type

Skype Session

Client Level

All levels



If you are interested in booking this service please call us or contact us directly here!



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